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A celebration of

modern craft 

Through a series of engaging exhibitions and workshops, Craft Show elevates craft and craftspeople.

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A Textile Assembly

13 to 19 May

An exhibition of textiles and textile art opening as a part of London Craft Week’s official schedule. Showcasing the work of both celebrated and emerging makers the exhibition will explore textile construction and the stories woven into their very fabric.

Curated by Craft Show

Presented by Staffordshire St


Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May

12pm to 6pm

Staffordshire St

49 Staffordshire Street


SE15 5TJ


Making in the gallery

The act of making will be at the heart of the space, with a programme of hands-on workshops, drawing inspiration from the exhibition itself. From natural dye and embroidery to yarn art and quilting, the exhibition will be alive with the hum of conversations and craftspeople sharing their skills.

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What we do


Craft Show

Craft Show’s exhibitions celebrate the work of talented artist makers and craftspeople working in craft today, with handmade objects curated into thoughtful still-lifes, mixing medias and makers, as you might in your own home. Our shows always have a strong storytelling element, using craft objects and textiles, floristry and exciting exhibition design to play with current themes in craft.

Craft Class

Workshops are an integral part of what we do at Craft Show. Hosted in the heart of our exhibitions, bringing making into the gallery space, making sure it’s alive with the hum of conversations and craftspeople sharing their skills. We have an exciting program of workshops and classes planned for 2024, the first of which you can book now.


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