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A Craft Show - Online dating for makers?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

‘Peckham Craft Show is like online dating for contemporary craft’ - Lydia Morrow commented as she posted out a selection of her huge fabric stash to Milly Melbourne, the designer/maker behind oBwear. ‘Found my match!’ Lydia and Milly both exhibited with us at last year’s Craft Show and have gone on to work together and do a ‘swap’. A ‘swap’ that involved a cropped jumper crocheted with volcanoes and Lydia’s very own Ritual Dress to be worn as many ways as you can put it on.

We watched the whole thing unfold online, the craft voyeurs that we are. Lydia, queen of craft online dating, then successfully matched with Sophia Salazar who hosted her first UK workshop with us last May (Sophia is hosting a second workshop withs us this year.) Sophia embroidered a ‘painfully lovely fat babe’ onto a Phaedra linen dress for in exchange for a crocheted sweater of boobs.

Sophia summed it up perfectly really, ‘There is a real power in making things and real love in supporting others that do the same.’

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