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Why Workshops?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Teaching and workshops are an important and fulfilling way to support makers and for makers to support their time in the studio. Peckham Craft Show is passionate about having making a part of the show so all our workshops take place in the backdrop of the exhibition. Often craft and making can be as much about engaging and learning new processes as it is about the end results.

Mila Harris Mussi is holding the first of the weekend's natural dye workshops. Deriving colour from natural resources; roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood. Mila’s workshop will teach the process of natural dyeing using plants that can be found in the countryside and gardens across the UK such as nettle, ivy, birch bark and oak bark onto silk and linen.

Bundle dyeing is the second of our natural dye workshops. Using fresh flowers, leaves, bark and botanical extracts, Charlotte Llewellyn will show you how to create pattern and print on fabric through the process of binding and steaming. You’ll leave with your own length of patterned, naturally dyed silk.  

This years Still Life Drawing workshop this is your chance to see the exhibition after hours. Once the exhibition has closed for the day and all of the visitors have left, we take over the empty gallery space. Drawing from the still-lifes in the showcase, it’s a chance to  explore composition, drawing different mediums and be introduced to a variety of drawing techniques with Ruby Bateman - with a glass of wine of course.

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